Full protection

Protection against pornography, illegal drug sites, fraud, malware, phishing, torrent and tracking systems.

Constantly updated

We continually update our lists and algorithms to ensure that your family stays as protected as possible.

We go the extra mile

We protect your children against dangerous apps by blocking connections to apps that may present dangerous situations to children.

How it works
Click here to find out exactly how the system works and what we block
Our plans Choose which package is best for you.
Family Plan Protect everyone in your family from the dangers of the internet
R99/mo R1089/year (8.3% off)
  • Full protection
  • Unlimited devices
  • Use your own router*
  • Self-installation
  • World-class support

* Please ensure that your router supports "VPN Client".

Family Plan+Maximum protection
R299/mo R3289/year (8.3% off)
  • Full protection
  • Unlimited devices
  • Includes a powerful router*
  • Installation by our Engineers
  • World-class support

* Our routers come pre-packaged with custom software that forces the enablement of our protection servers. This is a vital step in keeping all your devices protected.

Custom Plan Create your own custom protection environment
From R499/mo From R5489/year (8.3% off)
  • Custom protection
  • Unlimited devices
  • Installation by our Engineers
  • World-class support
  • Admin access to the protection interface
  • Custom rules
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Our Custom Protection Server allows you to enable/disable certain websites, apps, games, etc.

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A new way to protect yourself
and those around you

NetNation has observed a growing need to empower parents and businesses with technology that enables them to provide protection to those they care about.

Our mission is to ensure that children, teenagers and young adults (as well as employees) are not desensitised by what can be found intentionally or unintentionally on the internet.

Our technology ensures a safer, solid and more robust level of protection than what is currently on the market.

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Advanced Web filtering

Block over 3.5 million known websites that form part of our block list.

Mobile Phone Protection

We will help ensure that all your mobile devices are fully secured.

Business Ready

Use our VPN to protect your employees, no matter where they are.


We're constantly looking to stay ahead of the competition with our proprietary software and hardward.


Join the most advanced South African web filtering system.

Dedicated support

We have a team of professional engineers improving our algorithms on a daily basis.

Custom Solutions

Looking for that extra edge? Create a custom solution designed specifically for your needs.

Lightning-fast servers

We've positioned our servers to ensure the lowest latency between yourself and our VPN.

USA Servers Operational UK Servers Coming soon SA Servers Operational

Local and International Servers

Join 1000s of South Africans that are protecting their families from the dangers of the web.

You cannot always be there to protect your children...

Let us fill the gap!

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