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  • Will my children's phones be protected?

    Yes. We will help you carry out a series of steps that will protect your children's devices and ensure that all internet traffic is routed through our protection filters.

  • Do I need to use your router?

    We suggest that you make use of our routers as they have been preprogrammed to always connect to our VPN to ensure maximum protection. However, you may make use of your own router as long as it supports VPN Client.

  • Are all mobile devices supported?

    Most mobile devices are supported. Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • Do I have to sign up for the 12 month contract?

    No, we have month to month options available. Simply give us a call to discuss the available options.

  • Does NetNation slow down my internet?

    You shouldnt notice any decrease in internet speed as we've hosted our servers in South Africa to reduce latency.

  • Is this system 100% secure?

    We have custom built our software and hardware to ensure that the vast majority of children are protected. No system can claim to be 100% secure but we have made it incredibly difficult (even for the most technical of users) to disable/bypass our server. For 99.999% of children, they will not be able to bypass the filtering system.

  • Whats the difference between you and other providers?

    Once set up, our protection is baked into the phone or computer (it's easy to do, don't worry!) which means you do not need any special apps or software to ensure protection. We also ensure SAFE SEARCH on all major browsers, which our competition does not. We also don't force you to use a specific browser. You may use any browser as all internet traffic is ported through our online filtering service.